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About Us

Our mission is to raise funds for the East African Wildlife Society to train and equip rangers so that they can defend Wildlife in the right conditions.

We believe that every human being has a responsibility to help nature and the animals in it. We are not just bystanders in the chaos we have built, so we have to take action - even if it means just helping with a bit of pocket change.

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Our Story

Everything began with a journey to Kenya. Oscar and Lucie, the founders of Dancing Donkey Studios, were filming a documentary film when they first met Armando in the small town of Malindi, where he has been living for over 50 years.

After seeing Armando's art and listening to his fascinating stories in Africa, we could not resist organising an art exhibition to let more people see his beautiful monuments. 

Although Armando his art with various themes, we chose to focus on the artworks of animals. Why? Because we could combine art with an important cause. 

East Africa is home to hundreds of conservancies with countless animal species. Sadly, the animals themselves are not countless, despite many people treating them as such. Numbers of animals like the elephant, rhino, or giraffe are continuously declining due to illegal poaching. The high market demand for products made from ivory or rhino horn is still sufficient to threaten even such majestic species.

(Read more about conservation here.)

This is where Armando's past comes in. When he moved to Africa in the 1960s, it was another world; a different education where conservation was not such an urgency and big game hunting was authorised and a standard hobby or means to make a living. Armando then became a wildlife hunter. He made a living from helping and showing tourists around the savannah, who then shot their trophy animal. After killing dozens of animals, Armando later realised that he needs to find a different way of admiring these creatures than having a giraffe skin rug or ivory decoration. His energy then went into creating beautiful pieces of art meant to immortalise the creatures he had the luck to come in such close contact with. 

Despite leaving his past as a hunter behind, he still considers himself a hunter: 

"Now, I still hunt. I'm sure, nothing has changed. Except that I don't want to hunt animals. I want to hunt things to bring to people – Hunting art."

(The documentary film, Hunting Art comes out May 12th)


A vital cause and Armando's art could not be left disconnected. That is when we contacted the East African Wildlife Society, to become our partners in this project. EAWLS is a conservation agency who helped us find one of their programmes we could donate a portion of the art sales to: The Rangers Program. Rangers are critical in fighting illegal poaching and helping threatened animals, but naturally need enough resources to do so. 


With a plan to expose in Geneva, Switzerland, things changed with the uncertainties the coronavirus pandemic brought along. We then decided to do a virtual 3D exhibition, that anyone can access. Like that, we would be able to bring countless international art and animal lovers together to fight for a cause


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