Born in Livorno in 1943, Armando has been living and working in Malindi in Kenya for decades. His art depicts his devotion to Africa: the beauty of the nature, animals, and people. As a young man he frequented the studio of an old Livornese painter, a friend of Modigliani’s.

Subsequently he followed courses at the Artistic High School of Florence, the Fine Arts Academy in Rome and the Fine Arts School in Paris. He won the Prize Viareggio, the Prize Fattori and the Prize Piombino. In Paris he took part in the student movement of the 1968 under the banner of Creativity in Power.

He then moved to Kenya where he created an important Foundation called ‘Do Not Forget Africa’, and received the UNESCO prize in 2000.

In the White Elephant Art Lodge in Malindi he has created an Art Gallery that houses his monumental sculptures and also art works by local and international artists.

Armando is most known for his Map of Africa. He uses dozens of textures and materials to bring the continent to life on his canvas.

The secret, however? The shape of his Africa is not the accurate representation: Armando uses the shape of the heart.  


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the documentary:


On May 12th, we will be premiering a short documentary about Armando's past as a hunter and how his dark past shaped art.

After killing dozens of animals in Africa’s reserves, Armando

Tanzini returns to the Savanna to reminisce about his game hunting past and the impact his actions have on him today. He gives a fabulous testimony about the beauty of nature, but also about his dark past and how it affected him. He compares his story to how humankind is letting these magical animals disappear without taking action to save them.

Giraffes Armando


Coral Gorilla Armando
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Horse Crocco Armando
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Leopard Armando
Horse in pond Armand
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